Corrine Lewis Testimony

The first time I heard the call of God on My life I was 13 years of age . I was attending a service in Pinedale California. Pastor Gilbert a little short redheaded man came to the back of the church where I was With My two aunts. He said while he was preaching the Lord spoke to him "That I has a work to do for the Lord. But I didn't answer the call till Much later In Life. When I was 20 years old I ended up in big trouble, I was accused of murder And I ended up convicted of assault of a deadly weapon "involuntary manslaughter" And Received 13 years in the CIW prison.

 In prison God had given Me a vision in the month of July, He spoke to Me And Said "I am calling you to preach the gospel." The Anointing Was So strong I Knew it was Holy But I felt So unworthy, I said " I'm just a Indian girl, I'm Not worthy, It was Just too Holy." Again He spoke to Me, "I've called you to preach the gospel." This Time It caused Me to bow down on the floor weeping. As time went on I ended up in a church Where It Was Confirm Again That I would preach the gospel.

 It took a number of years to answer the call And it was a real struggle to sell out to God. I started preaching At Table mountain A place called Pin Cushion made of volcano rocks I would preach to every rock as if it were someone in church. I could feel the power of God ,I would even go out to the desert and preach to the willows which I would Pretend That They Were people in the church. The Holy Spirit became so strong In My heart and spirit That I Started out hitch hiking And witnessing, And by the Spirit I Was lead All the way to the state of Nevada.

To A native American revival Where I Met A group of young people who were on their way to a Jimmy Swaggart meeting And I went with them And What A Blessing It Was. When I Returned To Washington I stayed 13 years In One Church And went to another church For 15 years, Through These Years I Had Mature In The Lord And The Prophecies That Was Spoken Over Me "To Go And Preach The Gospel" Has Now Come To Pass, I Have A Fully Equipped Tent And I Preaching Jesus All Over The World. I went through a lot Of Trial And Tribulations. But I wants people to know God's love is Faithful, he Never gives up on you no matter how bad you are.


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